Welcome to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office web site. The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office is a full service law enforcement agency made up of five divisions: Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Detention, Probation, and K-9. We also house and operate the county’s E-911 Emergency Dispatch Center.

The Sheriff’s Office serves a community of 9, 365 citizens. We have 32 dedicated employees that are committed to providing the highest level of services possible to the citizens of Seminole County.

I take great pride in serving as the Sheriff of Seminole County. The success of this agency depends on the support of the community we serve.

Sheriff Heath Elliott


The Governor’s Public Safety Awards Program (GPSA) was initiated in 1998 in order to provide an opportunity for the men and women in the public safety family to be recognized for outstanding service to their communities and contributions to their profession.

As per former Governor Zell Miller, who established these awards, “While we have appropriately honored those who have fallen, I would like to establish an organization that would also honor those who by virtue of their personal integrity and determination make public safety the respectable and necessary profession it is.”
Governor Brian Kemp has committed to the continuation of the GPSA program.

Friday, December 10th, at the Governor’s Public Safety Awards, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Major Hank Bagwell, DNR Sgt. Tony Cox and Game Warden KP Boatright were presented the Act of Heroism Award by Governor Brian Kemp for their response to the following incident.

On Christmas Eve 2020, a cold front roared through southwest Georgia, bringing high winds and a freezing rain. At approximately 9:40 AM, Capt. Rick Sellars received a call from the Seminole County 911 center saying an Emergency Locator Signal had been detected near the middle of Lake Seminole.

Sgt. Tony Cox met Game Warden KP Boatright and Major Hank Bagwell from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office at the Seminole State Park boat ramp. After entering the main channel of the lake, they were confronted by 25-30 MPH winds, which created 3 to 5-foot waves, spraying 49-degree lake water into the patrol vessel. Upon reaching the coordinates of the signal, they located a waterfowl hunter in eight feet of water, hugging the bow of his submerged vessel. The hunter, who was not wearing a PFD, could barely move or talk due to hypothermia.

Once he was secured in the patrol vessel, the officers radioed for an ambulance to meet them at the nearest boat landing. On the way to the landing, Boatright removed the hunter’s waterlogged chest waders, shirt, and jacket, giving him his own rain jacket and an emergency blanket to wear.

During the ride back, the hunter shook uncontrollably and mumbled to Game Warden Boatright, “Thank you for saving my life.”

Chris Wigginton, Director Georgia Public Safety Training Center, DNR Sgt Tony Cox,  SCSO Major Hank Bagwell,  DNR Officer K P Boatright, Governor Brian Kemp


March 18, 2020

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the safety and well being of its employees, the inmates housed here, and the community.

Inmate visitation has been suspended until further notice.  To keep from coming to the Sheriff’s Office, you may deposit money into an inmate’s account online at:  http://www.commissarydeposit.com.  If you have any questions regarding an inmate, please call 229-524-8396.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this trying time.  Please do what you can to stay safe.

Please follow our Facebook page for additional information and updates.


Seminole County is partnering with Code Red for public notification during severe storms and other emergencies. Follow this link to register. If you have any problems or questions, please contact our office at 229-524-5115.

Open Records Request

Open Records Requests are processed in this office Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) 9am – 5pm. You may submit your request in person at our office, by mailing a request to our office or by faxing a request to 229-524-8528 or 229-524-8906. You may also send a request via email to
pwhaley@seminoleso.org. If you have any questions, please contact Paula Whaley or Tanna Harrison at 229-524-5115.


In order to provide the best level of service to this community, our office would like to know if you have any problems when interacting with our staff.  If you wish to file a complaint on any employee with Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, please complete the attached form.  The form must be returned to our office either in person or by mail.  All complaints will be investigated.

Complaint Form


Have you been a victim, or do you know someone who is a victim of Domestic Violence.  Click here for a list of  resources.  https://www.sunshinebehavioralhealth.com/resources/domestic-violence/.